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At IDG, we truly love sourcing and selecting our furnishings, lighting and accessories which make up the tangible components of our design. We do what we love best and that is creating beautiful spaces that have both form and function, while compliment the individuals we design for... We have taken great time to choose the manufacturers we represent both exclusively and collectively and ensure their quality and integrity. We hope you see our passion in the pieces we select.


IDG takes great pride in hand selecting each piece we house in our collections. Because all furnishings must be imported, we truly enjoy spending time getting to know the current market trends and showcasing the individual pieces for our clients and customers. Our Design Director, who has a true love and passion for what she does, chooseseach piece in our inventory. From frame and fabric to finish, her passion gives IDG that Signature Style we have become affectionately known for.

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Lighting is an important compliment to design. Often overlooked, it can really add to the atmosphere and overall feel of a space. Carefully selecting lighting to suit the design of a room is something our team takes seriously because lighting has a great deal to do with the overall personality of a room..

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art & accessories...

These important finishes totally complete the home and can really bring a space to life. We carefully select our accessories from around the world and thoughtfully place them in a room to create both interest and intrigue. Never to be underestimated, accessories can make or break the rhythm of a space. You will find unusual and interesting accessories at IDG because they are such an integral part of our design.

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